Tuesday, December 2, 2008


The difinition of that is...ME! lol So last tuesday my American Lit professor handed out a paper that contained 3 topics to write about for our final paper due TODAY... tell me why it is 4:30, and I am still sitting here writing it. I've got 3 pages done, and my but I still have 3 more pages of information to write and hand in by 6:00. I wrote and edited my paper in between/ during my morning classes.... I need a vacation. I hated this semester and I've been praying for it to come to an end, and YES it has been one that I will settle as Average with that C in. Please don't think for any reason I am happy being an under achiever... this semester was not my idea of a good time. lol There was too much going on, and so many days where I literally had to force myself to get out of bed all because of Josh. His girlfriend didn't even go to school this semester and it was supposed to be her last year, she was supposed to graduate i believe but she couldn't do it. I can understand why. I still refer to Jen... her name is Jen, as Josh's girlfriend... I guess that will change with time too. I don't want to write my paper... please pray for I need a 70 on this final to pass this class with a C. And this paper is definitely thrown together, but I'll take my C and run with it!!!

Thanksgiving was ok. I got through it. I ate dinner with my family then ended up going to a friend Toya's house where I proceeded to eat all the food they mmm good ol' southern style thanksgiving (it was my first) "Soul food"... gotta love it! It was comforting in getting passed the thankgiving memories of Josh... but then we proceeded to drink... now I'm not a violent person, but I do have a bit of a temper... Alcohol+temper+Arriel+drama=Arriel punching Reese in the mouth. Yes I even made him bleed. I do not know why I am like that! This poor guy has a HUGE crush on me... and I know there was a lot of other emotions behind it, but he pushed me to the limit... and yes I hit him! I felt kind of bad so I went to his house and watched a movie with him on Sunday after work. We watched how to lose a guy in 10 days... it was cute, i had actually never saw it before. But now I think he thought more of the situation than I did, so he has been blowing my phone up!!! Always breaking hearts... thats what Toya and Melissa told me... I can't help it. Reese is a very nice guy. He's got a cool personality but soo far from my type. I'm not into the skateboarders and dreads... lol I tried to talk him into cutting them out... he said No, of course.

Me and my mother got into an argument of something stupid last night, and as you all will come to find out, I am an emotional eater! So she sabotaged my diet yesterday and I was off to a great start until I went and ate all those chocolate chip cookies with milk! I've been trying to build up enough courage to get on the scale and see the damage that BOTH those thanksgiving meals caused.... Today I tried to do better, I even went to the track and walked a mile but later when I got out of American History, I started stressing that I only have about an hour to whip up 3 pages of a Paper on Emerson's Self Reliance... naturally I turn and theres vending machines... and peanut M&M's... I get out of class at 9:00 tonight... I hate Tuesdays.... I'm in class from 10am til 9pm. Again, I will say, I can't wait for this semester to be over! Tomorrow is a new day!

Well its 4:42, and i have 3 pages to write by 6 and make lots of citations from the reading that I failed to do! lol If only writing about Emerson was as easy as it is to write this entry!

Hope ya'll are doing well!


Tawnya said...

I know how you feel.... Those papers can be murder especially if they are about something boring!! I am taking personality theory this time and it is so boring!!!! I hate it!!

Allison said...

I know that it can get very hectic and seem never ending at times in college. Just hang in there, do the very best you can, the best that you can honestly say in your heart, and you will have nothing to worry about. Chocolate cookies sound good right now, but I gonna be good and pass them up. : ) Have a happy Wednesday.

Big Mark 243 said...

Nice and spraying everywhere ... funny, and real.

Do wish you would give Reese a break, and tell him he can keep it, and quit teasing him. You are a pretty girl, and you KNOW you have his nose open. Do him and yourself a favour, cut him out, and let him get over you.

Jus' sayin' ... I have been 'Reese', and it is no fun.