Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I'm having the hardest time studying for my western civ exam tonight!! Last night I couldn't do it, I looked at the same page for an hour and couldn't remember anything I was reading, so I'd have to "Start all over" I need to pass this class so I can finish this second degree!! I'm ready to scream. I should have taken a different class, but i figured this class would have been interesting, and it was... just not the way the instructor goes about teaching it! I need prayers... cuz without this class, I don't get that second associates, and it looks like this is the only class holding me up right now, because my last exam tomorrow... American History should be simple

Not to mention, I've been so worked up about the second call back from the job I applied for that I haven't been able to concentrate. I really want this job, I just didn't think that everything would happen so fast, so when they called me last night and asked me to come in today at 2:15, it threw my plans all over. I'm trying to study for the next 45 mins with no interuptions, then at 12 I'm going to get ready for the second interview at 2:15 and when it is all over with I will drive to school and sit in a quiet non-dristracting place, and cram the info into my brain! Like I said, i really want this job, but the interviews that I have been on are inconveniencing me.... and if I start this job, it means I probably will not be going to NY around Christmas and I was really looking forward to that, and seeing Rob. I wanted to go see Josh too.... uhhh we'll see what happens. It will all work its self out

On another note, I did get on the scale, and I lost 3.4 pounds by using the WW eating guidelines and using up my flex points, but its a work in progress... stress makes me eat, so maybe once exams are over I'll use less flex points! Anyhoo... i also need to incorporate exercise into the plan... this last week was just where I threw myself in and forced myself to stay on plan as much as possible. This week I have to plan better meals with less point value, and get in at least 2-3 days of exercise... I'm easing my way into a routine. Cuz if I jump right in, I'll most likely give up... so one step at a time! Well time to go study.... 45 mins of Western Civ! woo hoo lol yeah right