Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Is this really what it has come to?

Hmm... where to start... "fat white bitch" or should I back it up?

Ok, I'll start from the beginning... I work with this guy and his "girlfriend" or at least that's what she likes to call herself.... We all work at Applebees. Marcus is cool, funny... we talk sometimes at work..but mostly through text messages... I'm a flirty type of person.. I can't help it... it's how I am... and the lord knows Marcus isn't afraid to flirt or touch and feel on people right in front his "girl" ... she blames the other girl? Ok, so something funny is going on here... So she goes through his phone and sees text messages... which really aren't about anything... and calls me...

Now... I knew it was her calling me, because 1... Marcus never calls me... if he wants to talk, he'll text me. That is the basis of our communication.

I answer the phone and say "hello"...

she says "Arriel, its Brittany"

I reply " I figured"

Then she says "Well, I'm calling because I was going through Marcus's phone and saw text messages from you.... Why do you continue to talk to him when you know he's mine"

(I know I probably pissed her off, but...) I said "Brittany, if he was yours like he claim he is, you wouldn't need to go through his phone, and you wouldn't be calling me right now...besides their just text messages that mean nothing"

She was quiet... and hung up on me...

YES! I called back because you don't call someone and expect a fight or reaction out of them, and when you don't get it you hang up!! So I left Marcus a voicemail and

I said "Hi, this is Arriel, I'm just returning Brittany's call... I don't know if my phone lost the signal or if she got mad and hung up... but I just wanted to make sure she was through and said all she needed to... Ok, well I'll ttyl"

I don't think I was rude in anyway, besides... after I left the voicemail, Marcus said he was in the shower and got out and she was gone... and all he saw on his phone was a call to me, and a voicemail from me....

I'm not mad... I don't care... I didn't care last night... There is nothing going on between him and I... just a little bit of flirting, but mostly we talk about everyday stuff and occassionally Marcus gets personal... he'll tell me how hes a cheater and wants to fix it and etc. Brittany and him aren't together... he says he tells her, but she tries to hard.... It started off with them just sleeping together, and she wanted more... she thought she was going to change him... PLEASE! I thought If I should colin love, and what'd I'd do for him... I thought I could change him too! So I have been there I have don't that... I'm not calling her stupid... She'll learn, but she has to want to see it first... right now she's blocking it out... So Marcus says "shes throwing herself at me all the time... why not go with it" It's true... he uses her... he's a womanizer and he admitted it to me... See this is what our texts are like, and every now and then a text message says "you were looking sexy today".... Thank you Marcus but I'm not that dumb... and yes we had the conversation over messages on Myspace about... and i quote from him "your different... you're not like most girls" this may be true... but don't think you'll be having your way with me anytime soon!

WHAT MAKES ME MAD!!!! Is How Brittany approaches things when she's mad... now "Arriels a fat white bitch" ok fine... I'll take that, but really I feel sorry for her. She may be a size 2, but at least I know shes not turning Marcus into her man or husband... because he cheats on her all the time and she knows it!!!! What also irritates me... is how "us white bitches are so insecure that we need to go to a black WOMANS man".... EH WRONG.... NEGATIVE... he came to me.... and that's besides the point... I am NOT insecure..... who was going through who's phone and called me??? riiiiiiight.... so your going to call me insecure when your own insecurities get the best of you, and because you cannot trust your so called "man" you go through his phone.... Whatever... everyone deals with thier own... but apparently she wants to beat my ass....

REALLY? Is this what it has come to?? I am 23 years old, and too grown to be acting like this... now maybe if this was 5 or 6 years ago... yeah, I'd be there ready to whoop her ass... but why now? I'm not fighting for anything.... I have nooooo reason!!!

I feel bad that shes mad, but 1 I'm not triffling, 2. I did nothing wrong, and 3. She knows she's not the one for him because he shows it.... SHE KNOWS.... I stood there the day that her friend came into APPLEBEES and said HOW ARE YOU AND MARCUS DOING? her reply.... "Oh we're doing good... he stopped cheating a little bit"

If that's how you want to be then so be it.... but I am a far cry from a worry to you. Their TEXT

amazing.. not my worry! Just thought I'd write about my night... lol


Big Mark 243 said...

Don't know if I should 'really' comment, or just give you an 'atta girl', because I can see where you are working you way out of this stuff, and will find your level.

I guess I can say that it is always better to keep hurtful words to yourself,and let the really wounded person, 'have their win'. It won't cost you anything, and for real, you will benefit from it.