Friday, January 2, 2009


(Me & Melissa at AP's last night 1-1-09)
I went out... because it was Melissa's only night off. Along with working at Applebees, she works a third shift job... so she had off for the new year and we finally got to go out!!! I really didn't want to, but I ended up having a pretty good time, so I'm glad that I went.
I'm feeling better than I did the night of my last post... but that's how it is... one day I'm a mess and the next I'm alright... I supposed eventually I will get used to Josh being gone, and accept that it happened and I can't change it.
I have been sooo sick!!! ugh!! I know I mentioned that my step family was here... and well they've all been sick... now, is it me or do people generally come visit people when all 3 of them are sick? I wouldn't I would've stayed home rather then travel! So because their ignorant... they came anyway, and did not hesitate to cough all over the place and spread germs... and you'd think someone would cover their mouth!! Anyway... I felt alright enough to go out, I had a couple drinks... but of course was regretting it. I have a very high alcohol intake so when I stopped at 2 Martini's Melissa knew something was wrong!! lol My stomach was bothering me to begin with but I still went out. By the time I got home... I was back and forth from the bathroom from about 4am until 8pm. I've been sleeping most of the day. Even now, I'm still laying in bed. I feel drained... I need to try to get a little bit of food in my system hoping that I can keep it down. I've been drinking gingerale which has helped a little bit, but not enough. I have to work at Davids Bridal tomorrow from 3-8... so I know it's going to be hectic running around with Bride's trying on so many dresses and so on and so forth. Hopefully I find the energy to do so! It's supposed to be crazy because New Years Eve is one of the biggest engagement days... so they say that it gets crazy that first weekend of the New Year... so wish me luck! I'm going to need it. Hopefully I won't be getting sick while I'm there.
I also have A LOT to do for A&T. I have to finish paperwork and take it there on Monday. Then on Tuesday and Wednesday is what they call Orientation and University experience. I guess I have to be there for both. I also have to call about the MADD program that I have to attend for the open container in a moving vehicle violation.... blaaah... I learned my lesson.. drive your own vehicle!!!!!!!!! lol I had big plans for today and didn't get to any of it! My bathroom isn't completed yet... But as soon as I'm feeling better and get it finished I will post some pics!


Tawnya said...

No your step family is stupid... I would not have traveled either... Good luck at David's Bridal, you will be great!!! Feel better hun....

Diama ~*a.k.a*~ Cherry said...

happy new year hun and i hope you feel better sounds like you caught a nasty bug and i would've stayed home to that wasnt to bright for them to do but they wanted to see you!

Linda said...

I hope your feeling better soon! Linda

Big Mark 243 said...

Hope you are doing better ... and get that paperwork in to school pronto!