Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It figures...

Another one bites the dust... forgive me for putting it so heartless, please!

Actually, today I went to class, and saw that everyone was acting weird. Then I heard the story... a 22 yr. old black male from hempstead NY was shot in the head Sunday. He was apart of the Aggie Family and heavily involved in the school, and his church/community in NY. He was attending A&T for Political Science and was to graduate this Spring. I didn't know him. However, I would just like to put the newspapers and news channels on blast because they soley referred to him as a "African American Hempstead NY man." From what I heard he was more than just that and feel that he deserves more respect than that! And owe his family an apology!

I guess what irritates me most is based on the fact that he was African American they chalked him up as "another one" that they got off the streets... But failed to mention his many accomplishments and status at A&T and his community back home. They also failed to mention that he was shot because of "mistaken identity" and let me tell you, the person they meant to shoot probably could have been his twin... Wrong place wrong time is what they say... but you mean to tell me, you can't even stand outside your own apartment complex anymore, without fearing a gun going off? Rediculous!

I may not have known you, but R.I.P Dennis Stuart Hayle

I hope they find the person who did this!


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I am sharing with you at his loss.

Diama ~*a.k.a*~ Cherry said...

they dont and will never care about us (african americans). People believe that obama being in office would change this world yea right it made racism worst.