Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I feel like it's been longer than just a week for an update! It's been crazy let me tell you. A&T is great although I didn't make it to me 10am class yesterday or my 12:30 class today... It's just my luck that when I have to drive and hour (+) to school my car would start acting up... So yesterday, I had the neighbor look at it, and he said it would be ok to go to my 11:00 & 2:00 so I went... but when I got out of my 2:00 class, my car was making a crazy noise when I turned it on, and the coolant is literally leaking out but not on the ground.... SO it overheated and was smoking... I had to call a tow truck.... and had to be at work too! Needless to say, I was late for work, and ended up having to leave my car unlocked with the keys in it under the floor mat in the middle of the "ghetto" for the tow truck guy.... who NEVER CAME TO GET MY CAR!!! So I called my friend who lives in the dorms and asked her to see if my car was still out there, and made her get the keys out of it and lock it up... then I called the tow truck company... and they said "we couldn't find it" which is a DAMN LIE because it's right there out in the open!!! 2001 WHITE pontiac grand am GT!!!!!!! only one on the street that I said it was on at 7:30pm... so my mom drove an hour to pick me up from work at 10, and then we went over to A&T and she messed with it some, and we ended up driving it back to Madison where I live to the Auto place by the house... So this morning I had to go over there and talk to them. But, I don't have a car to get to my classes. My mom had a bunch of stuff to do today in between work. SO I was without a car, but I have the car now to go to my 3:30 class then I have to come back and get her from work and drop her off at the house, and then go to the court for the class I have to take for the open container ticket... It's a big inconvenient run around to tell u the truth! But, it could be worse, I'm just praying the engine in this car isn't blown like the last car! I don't know what I would do, and my father would go crazy!!! I feel like I'm off to a bad start with classes cuz I've already missed, but it's really not my fault!

On another note, I love my job at David's Bridal. It's so much fun, so there's no complaints there!

I've been having emotional issues on and off with Josh. I know the healing process takes time, but somedays are really bad, and I can't keep it together for long periods of time... I end up crying, and I don't even know why... it seems like he's on my mind an awful lot... and then it upsets me because I miss him, and I'll never get to see him again.... at least not in this lifetime. It hurts!

In all the business of my life, running around, and eating less and better food choices I've managed to drop a total of 7 pounds... so I'm really excited!!! I have 8 more pounds to go to meet my FIRST goal!!! I really need to get a set schedule, so that I can make time to go to the gym, but I'm gonna have to wait to see how this car situation plays out!

Anyway, hope yall are all doing well!


Tawnya said...

Just so you know, my dad has been dead since 2001 and I still cry over him even though I did not know him all that well. It is a process... Sorry about the car issues.. that sucks... Hugs to you