Sunday, January 31, 2010

Somewhat Accomplished

I've been snowed in all weekend. The streets/roads are still crappy, but my classes are only delayed until 11am. THANKS... lol still gives me enough time to drive to school for my test at 12. I was hoping for a snow day... I could've used an extra day this weekend. Oh well, Just make the best of it!

Anywho... I got 40 of my friend's baby shower invitations completed. I spent 2 days coming up with a design and then putting them together. I love them :) I still have another 45 to make, but now that I got it down to an art the rest will be a breeze. Everything is printed and made... now it's just for gluing everything together and letting them dry. Their made from Stampin' Up stamps and some ribbon from Michaels. Here's some pics.

I think their pretty cute. Simple, but cute. The most time consuming part was cutting all the paper & ribbons and fitting it where it needed to be fit not to mention, coloring in 85 carriages. LOL. But at least the complicated part is done. I should have them done by Monday or Tuesday then I can mail them off to the friend, and be done with it! I'm glad, that's one less thing I need to worry about. Now, I can go back to focusing on my school work! Before bed, I have 3 online quizzes to complete and then I need to study for my Learning and Motivation test. So That's what I'll be doing for the rest of the evening.

Hope everyone is enjoying the *snow* in their area. I love it!!! :)


Tawnya said...

The invites are adorable! You are so amazing! I made my blog private, but if you want to still read you can email me at and I can add you. Good luck on your tests! I know you will do fantastic!

Oh the captcha is "hotti, as in you are a hotti!