Saturday, January 23, 2010


So, if it's not one thing, it is always another.


So, I managed to get everything completed with school, and I handed in my graduation App on the 20th. However, I was 1 credit short of the required 124 hours. So I had to ADD another class to my schedule. As if 18 credit hours isn't enough, I am now taking 21. The class I added is an Independent study... but I'm just at my limit. I love A&T, but the staff is a nightmare... Now, I have to wait for my Audit, and PRAY they approve me for everything because I plan to graduate May 8th. There's not really any reason for them not to approve me... but who knows there's a discrepancy between the program change and what I was told to use and what they want me to use now... but that's not my fault if I was misinformed. either way, I completed the old program curriculum, which is more classes, but whatever it doesn't matter. Hopefully, I'm done. Now, I'm working on coming up with a topic for my Independent study that I need to take in front of the psych board and get them to approve my research. I'm not very into this.... but if it means graduating... I will do what I need to. I think I'm going to do survey research on Dental phobia... since I plan to go to dental school... which let me touch on that issue for a minute... Now, I went to the chair of the psych dept. who approved me for the independent study... he asked what my interest was in psychology... and I told him that I didn't have a main interest. My goal was to obtain a bachelor's to go to dental school... he seemed VERY upset that I wasn't pursuing a career in psychology... but it's my life, i know what my educational and career goals are. Don't get me wrong, psych has and will benefit me, but it's not my calling... it's just not. But I was a little disappointed in the way I was treated considering, my pathway was dental school and not a masters/ph.d in psych... so now I feel like I've been put under a microscope to be evaluated very heavily for this research. Oh well- all I have to say is watch me do the damn thing!!!

On another note, I've had a pretty busy Saturday, I did some shopping. I now have ANOTHER project in addition to my 21 credit hours... lord have mercy... My friend is having a baby in April, and her baby shower is in March... she asked me to make the invitations, and I said yes... but I have to make 85 homemade invites by the last week of February.... So I kind of have my work cut out for me! Me & this friend haven't exactly been on the best of terms either... so I'm sort of going out on a limb for her. I bought her baby shower gift today while I was out too... so I completely got that out of the way. And not that I'm being cheap or anything, but I did buy things that were on sale/clearance... being cheaper allowed me to buy greater quantity... I was going to buy a large item, but I figure I would get some small stuff, and then wait until after the baby was born and see what she gets from this baby shower and then buy something she didn't get. but if she has 85 guests (which I doubt will show up) she might get all she needs... We will see.

I came home from shopping and spent the evening rearranging the livingroom. I decided that it's time to get to work! I moved around some furniture and moved the treadmill into a area where it's out of the way, but will be no reason for me not to get on it! I put the weights and exercise ball in the room too. My goal is to put this stuff to use. I stepped on the scale yesterday and decided that there is no more messing around!!! I set my first goal, and that is to lose 14.2 pounds and once I get there I will set my next goal... I did go out on a limb and purchase Jillian Michael's diet detox/cleanse... so we'll see... It's like a 14 day thing that's guaranteed to work... so I started that today.

I wanted to do homework, but it's already 11:30pm and I am exhausted from cleaning and moving heavy furniture and treadmills around... plus the shopping. I should really try to go to bed somewhat early and get up at a decent hour instead of sleeping in and get some laundry done, and work on my homework. I have a test Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.... so It's going to be a busy week!! I also wanted to put together my proposal tomorrow for my independent study on dental phobia to turn in on monday. the sooner I get this going, the sooner I can get it out of the way and turn it in!!

Anyway... that's about it for me. Hope you all are well.


Big Mark 243 said...

Me & this friend haven't exactly been on the best of terms either... so I'm sort of going out on a limb for her.

Snagged that line because it is one that I wished I had considered when I was going thru 'stuff'. Make sure what you do for people like that is about YOU and what you feel. The good intentions hardly ever come back, so don't look for them. It will help keep your disappointment in check and it will also aid in you being the wonderful person you know yourself to be.

It is weird to still hear how bad the school on Market St. is being administered. No really, it is run haphazardly. I used to debate that stuff when I was there... but it is behind me now.

As far as weight loss, I don't know what the detox thing is going to do, if we aren't eating better. That seems like the sure fire way to detox.

Wish I was there to show you some quick routines that will get you in condition in twenty minutes. For real, not going to fool you. Gives you great tone and all that.

Anywho, nice to hear from you!