Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snowed In Weekend.

So, This weekend pretty much sucked. I'm not complaining that I got a snow day on Friday and didn't have to go to any of my classes... in fact it was great, but friday afternoon we lost our cable and internet... then around 4pm we lost our power which wasn't restored until sometime around 10pm. We froze to death!! But I was thankful for it to come back on. Now it's Sunday, I had TONS of homework to do, but was not able to thanks to my cable/internet being out. The cable and my internet just came back on an hour ago. It's time for me to get to work...

I'm missing Mr. Text Message, but UGH!!! Forget it. He's not worth it!

I'm kind of in a bored, sad, bad mood. Nothing is going my way. I'm stressed with all the homework I need to do. I've been stuck in the house and all I've done is eat. This weightloss thing is not working for me. I need to find some kind of motivation. I was really motivated for about a week and then I completely lost it! oh well... hope you all had a good weekend.