Wednesday, March 3, 2010

.Every time I see him.
Everyday he walks in...
with some fly blue suit and his cuff links are shining.
I feel like Alicia, and I just wanna sing "Baby, Baby, Baby"
He sets my soul on fire.
His shirt is pressed, and he smells so good,
but under the fragrance there's a touch of a familiar smell. I grin.
I won't even get into that.
His name spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e.
I keep my distance.
His skin is so beautiful...
So dark, so not like mine.
And as we sit there, he slides his hand over mine. It's so soft.
Not the hand of a hard working man. He's well kept.
As I pull my hand away he smiles that smile...
The smile of an Angel, Halo
The one that can't be resisted. The one with a glow.
I feel like Beyonce saying remember those walls I built
damn baby...they are tumbling down, but only I'm fighting it
I find myself lost in thought... wondering....

My time is up, my thoughts interrupted
I grab my things, get up from the desk and walk away...
I turn slightly, and glance back with a smile and continue to walk
No words spoken, but thoughts understood.

He follows me out, and yells "Yo B"
I ignore it, knowing good and well it's not for me.
I know the sound of his voice, when he leans over to whisper.
He yells again "Yo B.... Beyonce"
Only this time, I stopped to look
He says " I knew you knew I was talkin to you, Yo B, I'll be your Jay
if only you'll allow."
And now he's flowin some line like Jay and his girls, girls, girls

"I got this Indian squaw the day that I met her
Asked her what tribe she with, red dot or feather
She said all you need to know is I'm not a ho
And to get with me you better be Chief Lots-a-Dough"

I'm laughin and sayin negro please...
He says all I wanted to see was that smile
The one before was just a tease
He's got me wondering what could be.
In the back of my mind, I'm asking is leaving for me?
He says we could be like Bonnie and Clyde.
and I'm here when you decide.

But my minds made up, this chapter is over.


Big Mark 243 said...

I feel you, sister. Really I do.