Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A journey of a new

Well, let me start by saying welcome to my *NEW* journal. Recently AOL journals shut down, and I lost mine of 4 years... it's sad, and I said I wouldn't journal anymore but I believe that I need to because it helps me get through the days.

This is going to be insteresting, as I'm getting used to how this all works, so please anyone reading or following bear with me, and PLEASE let me know your out there reading.

I'm going through so many different changes and transitions in life... it's amazing the journey that I am on day to day. Life is an issue in itself, Grief... that I am dealing with, and the fact that I suffer from weight issues which is what my other journal was all about. This journal will be something new, with a better attitude... and hopefully many thoughts and prayers... and hopefully i find some readers along the way!


Linda said...

I am glad your here!! Linda