Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 3... is almost over

I managed to get a little cleaning done. Made 2 seperate meals for the family... one for my diet, and one for them.... I so badly want to get on the scale... but I'm trying to avoid it. I know my weight fluctuates anyway, so getting on the scale only after 3 full days of this diet...and not seeing a loss will only discourage me.

I'm working at it...... I'm trying to stay focused on losing 23 pounds. I know that if I lose the 23 pounds that I've gained over the course of the year will put me back into the clothes I wore last summer which fit pretty snug currently. 23 pounds in a year is a lot of weight. I don't know where I lost track of what I was eating and doing and not doing to pack on that much weight. I kept saying I'd get to it when exams were over and graduation was done... and here I am almost 2 month after graduation, having gained an additional 8 pounds. I think that's what has gotten to me. However I think I am doing pretty well on my diet thus far. Usually my problem is eating right and setting boundaries... but right now it's so hot the thought of exercising and sweating makes me tired in itself!

Plus for whatever reason, I am just down. I feel tired all the time. I go to sleep tired, and I wake up tired. I have no energy... and I can't even say it's either this or that... because I think it's a combination of a few things. My weight is the highest its ever been. I know it's there because i can see it....every time I look in the mirror... but looks are besides the point... I don't like feeling it. I'm "blah". I don't do much as it is, but to feel tired for no reason is beyond me. Not to mention it is extremely hot. The weather channel keeps saying that the heat is in the mid to high 90's but the air is that of a 100-110 degree day. So with that being said, its hotter in the house than outside.... that drains me too.

I just feel so unlike myself... I feel unproductive and I don't like it. Maybe I just need to tackle one thing at a time instead of trying to work on EVERYTHING at once.


Big Mark 243 said...

I have been having a case of the 'heat malaise' too. Got to push thru that though.

It should take you about 3 months of work to get 20 pounds off. Main concern I would have is how you eat. Do you exercise portion control and do you consume a lot of empty calories?

Like I know what I am talking about.

Anywho, focus on getting a workout on and fitting in your clothes!! It isn't too late to be the you that you KNOW you can be!