Wednesday, May 6, 2009

white party/end of semster/updates

Hello! It's been almost another month since I've last posted, but luckily this hectic semester is coming to an end! I have one more exam tomorrow and then I have 10 days before summer classes start. I'm going to Myrtle Beach for 3 days, and working the rest. It's going to be a short little vacation. Overall the semester went well. I did pass everything. Not with all A's but B's, and I believe I got a C in Theories of Personality, but I can handle that... no biggie. with work and my other classes, I had to slack in one area, and it was that class! I only missed it by 2 points... u think the teacher coulda bumped it to a B for me... but eh... it's my own fault.
The pics I posted above are from the white Party... on May 2nd... the joke was that no one knew why I had to wear white when I already was white... haha i can handle the jokes! I lost approx. 20 pounds. I don't see it, not even in the pics... I really need to tone the flabby-ness. I guess I will put that on my summer to-do list!
I signed up to take 2 classes for the first summer session. I was going to do the second summer session as well, but decided I needed that break. I need time off just to get my thoughts and life together. I'm planning to move out this summer... so I need time to get all that squared away before the fall semester starts. I'm going to be graduating in May 2010. It's official that the date is May 2010! I'll have my BA. in Psychology... haha at the end of my name it will say A.A.S, A.A, B.A. lol that will be all 3 degrees. I still have a couple sciences that I need to take as prerequisite courses for dental school so that's the plan, to spend that year after graduation getting the sciences and studying for the DAT's. (dental admissions tests) I have a plan. I'm just so exhausted!!! I talked to my brother today, and he asked me when I'd be finished with school, and he was like OMG YOU'LL BE 30 by then!!!!!!! Yes, I will be but the pay off of being a Dr. and making the money will be worth all this time.
Rob will be coming home is less that 4 months. I'll be going home to spend sometime with him. I guess the idea is to see where it takes us. Discuss whether its the right thing to be "together" or just be friends... and if the decision is together, more than likely he will be moving to NC, unless I can get into Dental School at the University of Buffalo. I'm pretty flexible. I can do my sciences and prepare for Dental School at UB, or Chapel Hill. There's apart of me that does want to go back home to NY though. I feel like life would be different if I were around all my family... almost as if it would be easier. Then, I have mixed emotions because I've also made a life here in NC as well. I've met a lot of people through my jobs at Applebee's and David's Bridal, but also through school at A&T. However, most of them will be returning home once they graduate. It's funny how university life works. I guess i got used to community college and everyone being local. At a University, it's people from all over in a lecture hall who find ways to become acquainted and become friends... then when graduation is over they go their seperate ways, move to other states, or go back to the states or islands that they are from. It's very interesting. I enjoy where I go to school. I'm not one that see's white and black. I see me and you. I guess it sometimes bother's me that I'm told I'm not getting a good education because everything I'm learning about is based out of African American studies or research or affiliated with it in some way. I'm Native American and German. I feel that attending makes me more well rounded. I know my history, and I'm learning about years worth of history in a black perspective, and thats ok. I just don't see why it has to be such a big deal. I made the CHOICE to attend A&T. I could've went to a more diverse University, but I didn't want to. I like being an Aggie, and known for the name and pride that it holds... i look forward to becoming Alumni too. Plus I like the reaction when people ask me where I go to school... hahaha. Anyhow, I'm way off subject... back to Rob... we're going to work on that and see what happens. I'll graduate next year, and when he comes home in August he'll have 3 years of parole unless otherwise decided upon. He can have that transfered to NC if need be. Then, the other issue is... people make a big deal out of that. I don't know positively 100% that he's the one for me or the man of my dreams, but I do have feelings for him. I don't know what will come of them, but their there! I guess, what I'm saying is I'm tired of hearing people say that he will never become anything because he cant with a record. It may work between us, and it may not. I just wish people would mind their own business when it comes to personal issues. Everyone is so concerned with me becoming a Doctor, and his social status as a convict. PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES. I don't believe that a single mistake defines a person entirely... and IF we were to be together YES I would make more money than him, but why do people refer to him as "marrying me and joining the country club." it's not like that, and the relationship is no where near that level... so why put ideas into play that don't matter right now. Anything is possible, yes... but I will deal with it if the time arises!
I guess that's all there is from me for now. I have other updates, but I really need to get back to studying for Psychopharmacology. I have that exam tomorrow at 8am, so I need to be in bed early!
Hope all who are still out there reading are doing well. I hope to hear from you all soon!


Big Mark 243 said...

It's Arriel y'all ... y'all its Arriel!!

One suggestiong ... PARAGRAPHS!! lol

Next, which one are you in the pictures? You say that you think you need more tone ... if you are the one with the blond hair, I think you look great as is.

As far as being 30 ... man, as long as you can see it, it doesn't matter what anyone else sees. Even if it is someone close to you. Be true to YOUR VISION.

That includes Rob ... but I won't speak on that ... as it is between you, your heart, and him. What I will say is this ... DON'T LEAVE NORTH CAROLINA!!

If I had to do it all over again, I would have found a way to tough things out. I was in Wilson when I picked up and went elsewhere, but the things you talked about as far as going to A&T, I felt those things as well, and those are the qualities of a place that tend to matter most. You risk looking for that all over again, and it is too valueable to take for granted, no matter how pretty the grass looks on the other side of the fence.

If you can't make the next step in your life there, then maybe you aren't ready to take that step. I have been too many places to not feel that I have the experience in saying, you CAN make a successful, well lived life in North Carolina.

Get your degree, get some work experience. Go to the Research Triangle and get some post grad work at Chapel Hill. Get that polish, then everything else will come into focus.

You are too nice and pretty to put yourself out with not fulfilling YOUR DESTINY. Get all that you can out of being in the best place I know to do ANYTHING. Then stuff will fall into place, and you will see everything clearly.