Saturday, May 16, 2009

Back from the beach...

I drove home from the beach and got in last night. It was a really nice couple of days. I think next year I will take off the weekend and stay the full 5 days. The condo we stayed in was awesome!!

I worked today... my feet hurt... and all I can say is I look forward to the days when I'm out of retail.... I used to look forward to the days when I wasn't a now I feel that way about Bridal gowns! My feet hurt way too much for the amount of money I make!

This week has flown by... I work tomorrow, and back to classes on Monday!!! Feels like I haven't had any break at all. However, I decided to go to the bookstore and pick out some summer reading in addition to my school work. I feel like I don't read enough! I know I have all those text books and etc. but its not the same as reading for fun. I miss when I used to be able to sit down and read a book because I wanted to. I actually have a bunch of books... I started reading Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes while I was at the beach. I'm almost finished. I have 3 more chapters. It was really good actually... That's probably what I'm going to be doing for the rest of the night, finishing the book, and taking a hot bath and relaxing!! Haha funny story about my trip to the book store... I was looking at the books, not anything in particular, just looking for something to catch my eye, and I picked up a man while I was there... turns out I was in the "modern romance" section, and this very tall (about 6'1"ish) medium toned black man approached me and says " I'm a romantic myself... my name is Jerald, can I take you out to dinner one night?" Of course, I literally started laughing in his face as i shook his hand in return to him grabbing mine, so much the the book that was there flew in the air on to the ground! How original! he's "a romantic himself" So we talked breifly until his SON came over, and then he introduced his 16 year old son to me... I forget his name... I was too busy thinking to myself "omg, his kid is old enough to be my younger sibling" The son was CUTE tho... he reminded me of Urkel, I know that sounds mean, but as a child, I always adored Urkel...LOL I secretly had a crush on him and wished for someone to profess their love to me as much as Steve urkel did for Laura Winslow... Yeah yeah, I grew up on good ol' after school specials like Family Matters. I still watch them on nick at night! Anyhoo.... because, I know how it feels to be turned down and rejected, I have the hardest time doing it to other people, So I gave the man my number, and agreed to go out to dinner. He's been BLOWING UP MY PHONE. I swear he calls at least 6 times a day, everyday since Wednesday Morning when I gave him my number. What in the world?!?!?!? I talked to him once, well twice if you include the encounter at the book store. We determined he has a 16 year old son, and the man is old enough to be my father!!!!!! lol in fact, He's OLDER THAN MY REAL FATHER!!! lol Well, all 3 of my parents... My Dad is 41, my mom is 40, and my stepdad is 36. This man is 46. He has yet to ask me my age. I figure he thinks I'm older than 23 though, and doesn't know he's older than my parents. I think 6 times a day for 4 days straight is a bit much though... it actually kind of freaks me out... makes him seem either obsessive compulsive or desperate. I swear, only things like that happen to me! I meet all the crazy ones. He wasn't a bad looking older man, I'd maybe date an older man if there was a way to avoid the awkwardness of him being older than my own dad! lol and I don't mean awkwardness for me personally but I'm pretty sure it'd be uncomfortable for my parents, and they probably wouldn't be happy that he was so much older than me! lol

Ok, well with that being said, i'm going to get going and get in the hot bath and relax!! Have a good night!!


Big Mark 243 said...

Well gee Arriel, what kind of spell do you cast on men?

You are a little right on the age thing. You'd be too young for me, and I am 42. But it is possible that y'all can work things out.

I used to think things would happen like it did on 'Happy Days'... part of why I got married @23, thinking everyone got married that young. How old were Ritchie and Lori Beth anyway?

The come on line ... about 'I like romance books' ... that was weak. If anything, I would have talked about books I liked WITH romance or strong love in them. Weak approaches need to be slapped down.

Don't feel bad about rejecting men. In fact, choking it off firmly is best. You can be politely not interested. THEN his character would come out.

Because if it was me, and you politely declined my advance, I would remind you how pretty I think you are, wished you a good day, and got on about my business. There is NO shortage of good women, and since his eye is so broad, then he has a big area to cast his net. Whatever hang ups he has to deal with regarding women, is his to deal with, not yours.

My advice is to let him know now, WITHOUT MEETING HIM ANYWHERE, or hints to where you live OR work, that you aren't that interested. When he asks 'why', tell him truthfully that he seemed nice, but that you think that he is too old.

If he has a problem with it, which means any conversation that lasts more than two-three minutes, this cat WILL BE problematic in your life.

Chop him off the next time you speak with him. Then NEVER pick up when you suspect it is him on the line. You can't be soft when getting rid of someone, and when it is at the very beginning, it is fair.

Linda said...

I am glad you had a good time at the beach. I need a little "relax" time myself. I agree with Mark about the 46 year old man. Just let him go.