Wednesday, February 4, 2009

blah blah blah

Sometimes that exactly what I feel like. I've had the last couple of days off of work, and I've literally taken advantage of doing nothing!!! I came home from school, and picking up my brother from school, and mother from work... I ate dinner, and got in bed and have been laying in bed since about 7:30. It feels good to be lazy. I haven't really been able to eat lately... I guess it's from being sick... as I am still sick! I should've probably gone to see the doctor, but their just going to tell me the things I already know, and will tell me to take cough medicine or something for my sinuses and etc. I've been feeling a little better, but not enough.

Good news is, I'm getting my car back tomorrow morning. Totaling $1364.75. A month without my car for them to not do my any favors. I'm mad because what they said was originally wrong with the car, was not in fact wrong, so after fixing that, then saying, "oh theres more wrong we need to fix it" the just continue to charge me. Why are u charging me for replacing something that wasn't broke, and you being the mechanic should diagnose things properly before replacing them!!! So there's going to be an argument in the morning... because I feel that they need to do something about the price because they were in no hurry at all to get me my car!!! They said "it'll be ready in a week" then everyday after that it was "by friday" then that day came and it became the middle of next week, and finally it is done... and I will have it tomorrow... I'm just upset over the price... I think it's rediculous considering the amount of time they've had my car, and the things they claimed were wrong... So at 8am, I'll be there, then coming home to nap til I have to leave at 11:30 for class.

I have to work tomorrow night, and I have to say I'm not exactly looking forward to it. As I said I've enjoyed having the last 3 nights off. I feel bad for being lazy and getting next to nothing done, but I think I've needed the time to just sit.

I really need to start doing better in school, and focusing on that being my number 1 priority, so starting Monday... It's going to be 110% out of me!

Still maintaining my 10 pound loss.... without the big appetite I'm hoping to lose 5 more... but we'll see I force myself to eat, but it's very small amounts. I don't know! Anyway... I'm probably going to bed, and taking some nyquil. Hope everyone is well.


Big Mark 243 said...

When you talk to the mechanic, DO NOT BACK DOWN. Let them know how you feel that you are supposed to pay the work you orignially agreed on, and that their misdiagnosis is their fault. Get some money taken off, at least!

WTG on the weight loss, though I think you should slow down. 2.5 lbs a week is about normal, so anything over that is great.

School and work. Think about that. Being focused means BEING FOCUSED.

Linda said...

Good Job on the weight loss. I hope you got your car back and that you got some sort of discount! Linda