Monday, February 2, 2009

10 pounds

So I lost 10 pounds for the month of January... It was kinda accidental in a way... but I'm not complaining. Later I set the goal to make it 10, and I did it!

I'm still horribly sick, but to be honest I think its the amount of stress I carry with me. School is kicking my butt... and it shouldn't be! I think it's the fact that I work 6 days a week, and dont exactly get adequate amounts of sleep! I actually called into work tonight. I feel bad, but I worked sick all weekend, and no one cared... they didn't say it but I felt like they were saying "toughen up"... trust me... I was taking dayquil caplets every 3 hours instead of 4 to overlap the wear-off time! and when I'd get home I'd take nyquil and benadryl... I have to be sick from stress because I actually broke out in hives one night. That doesn't happen to me to often either! I'll be glad when I'm feeling better. The sickness probably also added in the weightloss, but for not I will take it!

I'm so very behind in all my school work from being sick and working this weekend. I needed to do homework and stuff and just couldn't bear to sit and do it. So today, I have to push through it and get done what needs to be done for tomorrow. Title page, and reference page for my behavioral psych class... so that he can approve my topic or not, then I have memory and cognition homework that was due LAST week Tuesday! thats a -10, but in all honesty I've been sick! Have not gone out, have not ate out, have not done anything but sleep and work!

I need to get to work on those assignments and get in bed. Hope all is well.


Big Mark 243 said...

Don't worry about your weight, because with you being sick and all, it is going to flucuate.

Get the grip on school, on work, and worry about the fitness/weight stuff when you can. In the long run, TRUST ME, the school will be of more benefit to you than the other stuff.

The job pumps the grease to things, whether it is enough, is a matter of personal needs.

The weight thing, unless you have a condition that you need to attend to, you can manage your weight and shape. Do some exercises when you are sitting with nothing to do, if you can't set aside the time for a full work out.

Getting a handle on school will make you feel better. Pretty girls like you can get 'waviers' for stuff like weight. You prolly aren't too much of anything, perhaps letting outside forces tell you that you are. Don't let them!!