Saturday, June 13, 2009

what a day!

So... I was written up today. LOL I'm laughing because I don't even understand why. I was just told that my "performance" would be re-evaluated on June 27th. I asked my manager to explain why I was being written up, and she said something about my "demeanor being to stern" and my productivity for the month of may was low... mind you there's 31 days in May, and out of those 31 days. I worked 9!!! So yea, I think my productivity was a little LOW. Now, as for me being stern?? I think not... I beg to differ. I think their trying to set me up to get "fired" with 3 write ups because I question what is really going on in that place! I'm not afraid to ask WHY? and ask for an explanation, and yes. I am a bit puzzled when 3 women who are 'in charge" cannot give me a straight answer. Maybe I am stern if the definition of stern is: not fake, and won't pretend. That's not me. In fact I am probably one of the realest most honest people you will ever meet. Now my honesty is not in that that I am mean, and bold, I will BEND the truth to tell a Bride she looks beautiful in a dress if I can tell in her facial expression that she is in love with a gown, because it's her dream...not mine. I am not trying to be funny, but in all honesty David's Bridal is the IHOP of Bridal gowns and they act like they are Klinefelds in NYC. David's bridal is "affordable" bridal wear. So, we'll see if I get written up again in my re-evaluation. I was given 2 ok now this is the funny part. I was given 2 weeks to improve my productivity. Ok. 2 weeks=14 day...correct? so I am scheduled to work 4 out of those 14 days. I have a 2.8 out of 5.0 percent level of productivity out of the 9 days I worked in May. In the 4 days I'm scheduled to work. I have to raise my productivity to 5.0 percent... SO either I get lucky and do it, or I get written up. This is beyond me. But whatever. I'm going to contact the unemployment office just to see what the "laws and regulations are" Not that I want to be on unemployment... I enjoy working, but I need to know how this stuff works. I've never been fired. And, if they "screw me over" and I'm able to collect unemployment... I will. Just because I don't feel that these are legitimate write ups. There's no customer complaints at all. Ugh. I got a headache from all this and trying to understand it.
School is stressful enough! The semester is over June 24th. lol thats 7 or 8 days, and in I have 11 summaries, a research paper, a book review, a presentation, and several stats labs to complete. I'm having a time and half with that let alone dealing with...excuse my language... BULLSHIT...from work!
Anyway. Hope everyone is well. I need something to eat and to destress. I am so thankful that I do not have to work tomorrow, and can sleep in and spend the rest of the day doing all this school work!


Tawnya said...

Isn't it interesting how when we start a job that it seems great then as we are there for a while, we learn what really goes on and it is like WTH?!! I mean myself too, I wanted to work at Walmart for so long and when I finally did, I was so pissed about what was really going on there!! They pay well but only because they abuse you to a certain point! I am sorry you are having to deal with this. It SUCKS! Hope school is going well. I get my AA in Sept and I am so excited!! Hugs to you my friend..