Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Do :)

I got my hair done Wednesday... I'm no longer blonde... I miss it, but I think I really like the way my hair is now... even though I do love my blonde, brunette and red is just as nice.

Today was the first day of classes... it wasn't so bad. I only had to be there 9:30-12:15...Thank goodness because I am feeling terrible. In fact I'm about to take some nyquil and get into bed. I was hoping I wouldn't get sick this year, and dontcha know... I get sick! ugh... just my luck. I have 3 classes tomorrow. I'll be on campus from 10am until 2pm... I have an hour break too, so its not bad, but what a waste of an hour! maybe I'll go for a walk and get some exercise in or something providing I feel better. Monday, I am going to get things straightened out with Admissions... No exceptions. I plan to be there until they close if I have to be!! I need to get my stuff taken care of. The sooner its done the less I have to worry about!

Well, that's it for me... to bed I go! Hope you all are well.


Tawnya said...

LOVE your hair!!! It looks great!! Yes get the stuff done and over with! Hugs..

Big Mark 243 said...

I agree with Tawnya... the hair looks great.

Hope you are feeling better. Finish strong 'cause you get to walk that walk in June!