Sunday, May 17, 2009

blah blah blah!

So, I just booked my flight to fly to Buffalo this weekend... I leave on the 21st, and return on the 25th. I'm annoyed because the whole point in this trip was to go to my friends sisters wedding. I called her, and told her i booked the flight, and that I would be there thursday night (in 4 days), and she said "I'm sorry... I forgot and asked my ex boyfriend to go." To be honest, I probably wouldn't have wasted the money on a $100 dress, and $300 airfair, the dress isn't such an issue...I can always find somewhere to wear it... but I wouldn't have wasted the money on a flight had there been no need. I don't know I'm busy running all the time, and though I would like to see friends and family and go visit Rob, this weekend would've been a nice one to relax and get things in order with my 2 summer classes.... grrrr people need to get with it! SO, now rather than tell my mom and dad who paid for the dress and flight that I'm not longer attending, I'm still going to have to get all dressed up Saturday in the dress and show my dad and grandparents and "act" like I'm going to the wedding, but will actually probably end up going to do something else. I just can't tell my parents that i was univited and replaced with an EX b/f. Some friend huh? I'm just irritated because I would never say "yes i'll attend" and not go! To be honest, I really don't even want to go now! It's too bad the flight is non-refundable... But, At least I'll get to spend some time with my grandparents, dad, and brother. Go visit Josh, I haven't seen him since March :( and i will go visit my Roblem.

Tomorrow my summer classes start. First one is at 1:30pm A full 5 weeks of Psychological Statistics and African American Folklore. I'm debating whether or not to take classes the second summer session. I'm not sure what to do. I may see if any of my classes are available online, just incase... As much as I feel like I need a some time off, I also feel like I need to keep up with classes. I don't know! we'll see what happens. I hate math, so not that statistics is hard, but its mathematical and I don't really look forward to it. Thats why I opt'd to do a summer session instead of a full session because I just wanna get it over with quick!!
Well, that's about all I got for tonight. About to do some cleaning and head to bed. Hope all is well!


Tawnya said...

Wow, what a friend huh? I can understand your frustration with her. I also understand your math dislike cause I got it too. I am in my basic math class and yes it is basic, it sure don't feel basic!! Have a good time, try to relax and enjoy your time with family and friends. Hugs to you!